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what we are

We manufacturers a complete fitness instruments for mental health. In these days, most of them are facing many mental health problems. Mental health is just as important as physical fitness. The World Health Organization estimates that, globally, 154 million people suffer from depression and mental health illnesses. Many studies and clinical trials have shown that being more active provides particular benefits including; improved mood, reducing symptoms of stress, anger and depression, alleviating anxiety and reducing cognitive decline. As you exercise your mind, you will experience a huge boost. We introduces a set of cognitive exercise tools to your mental fitness. Work out your memory, attention, brain-eye-hand coordination, processing speed and more. Take over our different tools to exercise your cognitive strength. Each tool is available at different difficulty levels so you can start off easy and make things more challenging as you act. Looking for something different? Check out these cognitive fitness stuffs.

Our vision

Coexin’s Vision is to be a leader in assessment and treatment of various mental health and body coordination difficulties, helping each individual to reach their full potential by providing training and clinically proven tools to diagnose and improve core cognitive performance.

Our mission

Coexin’s Mission: To research & develop Electronic Cognitive Diagnostic and Exercise tools to achieve our motto ‘Exercise your brain for better tomorrow.

Arshad Moideen Koya

co-founder, CEO

I am Arshad Moideen Koya, co-founder and CEO of Coexin Technologies Healthcare Private Limited.
We started developing the products in 2011 and tried to implement them several times but were all unsuccessful.
When we lost our jobs and returned to India during Corona, it provided an opportunity to implement the same idea that we had previously tried because it was hunting me to drift it….Read more,


co-founder, CEO
BTech, ME, PMP

Our primary objective is to bring simplicity and effectiveness in people suffering with attention deficits
problems like ADHD, LD, MR, Autism, Ataxia, for stroke recovery exercise etc. to bring a visible change in their life style.
I am Muhsin, cofounder of Coexin technologies.Innovation, Technology, Business are the three coordinates at any point of time that determines the success of the novel ideas….Read More